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Consists of 3-6 Students age from 13-17 years old


Using 3D CAD software, design an F1 car to the specifications.


Aerodynamics are analysed for drag coefficiency in a virtual wind tunnel using Computational Fluid Dynamics Software (CFD).


Using 3D CAM (Computer Aided Manufacture) software, the team evaluates the most efficient machining strategy to make the car.


Aerodynamics are tested in wind and smoke tunnels.


Time to track test against your competitors to achieve a winning car.


Joe Chin

Team Aero Breaker, 2006
SMK Taman Melawati
Senior Mechanical Design Engineer, Tesla

During my high school years, I always wondered how I was able to put my education skills to good use for the society and for the economy. When F1 in Schools came to Malaysia for the very first time, it provided the platform necessary for students to explore and apply the things they learn into reality. It is through F1 in Schools that gave me a clear vision for me to choose my path to be a Mechanical Engineer, and I was only 16 at the time. I’ve practiced my CAD skills ever since and this made a strong impression which enabled me to land on my first job as a Product Designer for Ford Motor Company in Australia and now in Tesla Inc. in the United States

The biggest impact that F1 in School had on my life is the lesson of the ability to adapt. The greatest of success from teamwork comes from complex coordination between each team members and their ability to adapt between different roles. This is important as it allows us to fail early, and learn fast so that we can iterate on our work quicker to reach our ultimate goal. For our fastest car in the world, we didn’t have one designer designed it; Each of us contributed to the design and that was what made it great.


Dr. Shahir Yasin Mohd Yusuf

Team Ultimate Crusaders, 2009
Sekolah Alam Shah
PHD Holder in Mechanical Engineer from University of Southampton, UK

Up until 15 years old, I was still in a blur of what my future career would be like. Engineering was always one of the choices, but it was never a firm one. That was until I entered F1 In Schools back in 2008. Becoming a national champion and then represented Malaysia at the London World Finals in 2009. That changed everything. My participation in the competition as a design engineer not only taught me the technical (design, manufacturing, etc.) aspects of engineering, but provided me a glimpse of its wholesomeness in shaping me as a person. Throughout my experience in F1 In Schools, I learned the value of communication, collaboration, teamwork, as well as research and development, all of which are essential skills of the trade in real life, regardless of the job field.

In particular, I was fascinated by rapid prototyping (RP) during my involvement in F1 In Schools, commonly used for visualisation and testing of car parts before confirming a final design for the competiton. From there, I learned the umbrella technology of additive manufacturing (AM), or popularly known as 3D printing, in which RP is only one of its many applications.

So much so, this has cemented my desire and fueled my passion to pursue engineering. In university, I was heavily involved with various AM projects, which eventually led to my enrolment in a PhD program focusing on AM of metals and alloys in 2016. Fast forward four years later, I am now a PhD holder specialising in AM/3D printing, and I owe everything to that fateful year in 2008. Truly a life changing experience!


Dayang Hania
Binti Rafei

Team Furious, 2012
SMK Sandakan 2, Sabah
Mass Communication
(Hons. Journalism)
Universiti Teknologi MARA

F1InSchools has impacted my life in so many ways. Being a girl with zero confidence to speak in English, this is the platform where I found my passion in Journalism and Media Industry, because I was train to speak confidently in front of everyone during that competition. In fact, since we edited our own videos back then, I am able to use that skills in Uni and work life and its really a massive advantage though not coming from any graphic background. Multi-tasking, yes this is one of the impact F1inSchools left in me as everyone that joins this competition are obliged to do more than just one task. Sponsorship papers? Imagine doing this at the age of 16 and advantageously use that skills in Uni and work field.

If I am ask to highlight one impact that F1InSchools gave me, I would gladly say “communication skill” this skill, believe me people not many out there can venture into this field as it takes a great deal of confidence to excel in this. And I learn that from here. Its the biggest turning point in my life, I never knew I had this talent in me and F1InSchools awakens and polish this potential. It teaches me to be confident and bold, so that’s why I am doing what I’m doing right now, hosting shows/programs, emceeing events, journalist/reporting etc. It teaches me to work well in a team, to communicate with prominence people easily, to confidently speaks in English and so much more!


About Formula 1 In
In Schools

F1 In Schools was introduced in the United Kingdom in 2001. It was created to enhance the profile of engineering at schools and college levels. In the first year of inception, this program involved 97 schools with 4365 students.

Meanwhile, almost 200,00 other are indirectly exposed to this program. In 2004, 16 counties have implement this program and for the first time, Malaysia has sent the best team to win the final F1 Team Global Schools CAD/CAM Challenge on January 15TH in 2006.


F1 In Schools is an engineering and design action learning project for students, implemented in high schools around the world. With more than 20 countries participating from Europe, North and South America, Africa, the Middle East and Australia, this international competition contains practical implication for all students involved.



There are many success stories who have actually come through our initiative and have gone on to achieve significant outcomes in their lives including positions in Formula 1 teams.


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